AC Installation Services

Gale Force Heating & Air Conditioning provides seamless AC installation services to home and business owners in Denver, Littleton, Aurora, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Castle Rock, Parker, and surrounding areas in Colorado.

Do you need AC installation services for a new system or to replace an existing one? Look no further than Gale Force Heating & Air Conditioning! We are one of the best reputed AC service providers and we have hundreds of satisfied customers to confirm it.


While there are many other AC installation companies out there, you can be sure that none will match the quality of our AC installation service and the commitment of our technicians. With us, AC installation project becomes a breeze and worries related to errors, malfunctions, or hidden costs become history.

From Mini-Split to Central AC Installation Services in a Nutshell

Besides the actual installation services, at Gale Force Heating & Air Conditioning we also provide personalized advice on choosing the best system. If you find it difficult to choose between central and mini-split AC installation, our technicians can present to you the benefits of both so that you can make an informed decision.

In fact, here is a brief overview of the benefits that each system provides:

Сentral AC InstallationDuctless AC
Can heat or cool an entire buildingEasy to install in almost any room and building.
More energy efficient than several systems installed separatelyNo need for ducts
Lower costs than with several ductless systemsMore flexibility regarding space heating needs and temperatures
Constant temperatures everywhere in the houseThe possibility to better control and plan expenses.

The list could continue but your decision in favor or against central AC installation services should take even more factors into account and especially your specific needs, expectations, and budget. As mentioned above, our technicians can help. All you have to do is give them a chance. 

Give up Useless Searches for “AC Installation near Me”

Your time is precious, and online searches for “AC installation near me” or other similar queries are wasting it. Don’t trust Google with your service needs and your money! Follow your instincts and the recommendations of others like you and get in touch with the best AC installation service company serving Denver, Littleton, Aurora, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Castle Rock, and Parker, CO! Call (303) 286–1478 or fill in the contact form and let us know what type of system you want to be installed! Our technicians will provide advice, cost estimates, and anything else you could possibly need to have your new system up and running in no time. You will surely not want to resume your online searches for “AC installation near me” once you see how we work.

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