Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Building’s HVAC System

HVAC systems, like any mechanical and electrical components, require routine maintenance to continue to operate efficiently and effectively. At the same time, like any type of system, they will eventually need to be replaced. Most homes and commercial buildings throughout Denver, CO, can expect a life cycle of about 12 to 15 years for residential HVAC systems and about 15 to 20 years for commercial systems. Different factors, including how frequently the system is used, will have an impact on how long it will last. Other issues, such as choosing the right size of system, also have an impact on longevity.

Signs of Problems

The good news is that there are usually signs it is time for air conditioning or heating system replacement. This is true for residential systems as well as commercial HVAC components. Recognizing the telltale signs it is time to start considering air conditioning or heating system replacement allows you to plan for removing the old system and installing the new one with minimum disruption to your life. The key signs of impending AC and heating system replacement include:

  • Constant running – constant running or continually cycling on and off is a sign of system failure in many HVAC systems.
  • Inefficiency – higher energy bills are a sign of system inefficiency. If this is coupled with poor heating or cooling a replacement will be required in the near future.
  • Unusual sounds – squealing, pinging, banging or other unusual sounds when the system is starting up or running are always problematic.

Call in an HVAC contractor at the first sign of these problems. Look for a company offering a free estimate on the cost of repair or replacement to allow you to choose the best option.

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