Repairing a furnace is more economical than buying a new one. Furnaces encounter different problems depending on how regular maintenance and cleaning are. Some of these issues may take longer to show, so you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Common furnace issues include:

  • Worn-out filters
  • Broken blower components
  • Damaged thermostats
  • Gas leaks

If you don’t get a professional to check these problems in good time, you increase the need for furnace replacement. Replacing a furnace costs thousands of dollars, which you might not have ready when the furnace malfunctions.

Therefore, experts advise that you call HVAC professionals before it’s too late. Here are more details on furnace repair.

Common Furnace Issues and Their Solutions

You won’t need to repair your furnace if there are no issues. Below are ways to care for your furnace to prevent issues in the future:
Changing the Filter

The filter is an important part of the furnace as it cleans the air and keeps the ductwork clean. Without a properly functioning filter, your furnace would let in dirt, pollutants, and allergens.

Filters differ, and homeowners may not know when to clean or replace them. Still, most filters need replacing after a month or two.

A sign that your filter is not performing as it should is the furnace failing to heat air properly. The furnace struggles to function because the filter is not letting in air as expected.

Fixing Broken Blower Components

The blower sends heated air into ducts to warm your home. Several components make up the blower system.

So, if your house isn’t warm because the furnace isn’t blowing hot air, get a professional to check the blower mechanism. Then, they can diagnose the problem and replace the broken parts.

Repairing the Thermostat

Issues with the thermostat can be confused with problems in your furnace. The thermostat is responsible for telling the surface when to start heating your house.

Thus, if it malfunctions, it reads the wrong temperature. As a result, your furnace heats the house when unnecessary and cools it at the wrong times. Ensure you check the electrical system to ensure good communication between the furnace and thermostat.

Identifying and Fixing Odors and Gas Leaks

Furnace smells are only acceptable if you turn on your furnace after a long time. These smells last about an hour but disperse after that. So, if you smell anything coming from your furnace after that, you should get a professional to check it.

Moldy smells indicate the growth of debris. On the other hand, gas or metallic smells are dangerous and should be looked at immediately.

If you need furnace repair in Denver CO, contact one of the many companies available. Some issues, like gas leaks, are serious and need immediate attention.

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